Junkerland artwork proudly done by Jeff Schnur. To see his serious renderings click here.

It's A Call World

It's A Call World features children from many lands learning the skills of telemarketing. Your adventure begins as you board your boat and cruise into It's A Call World. Inside you see children from many lands happily wearing their headsets and dancing around the ride. As you go from country to country the children are singing the theme song of the ride in their native language.

The words to the theme song (in English) are:

With a ring, ring, ring
We will bother you.
Even though you have
better things to do.
We will give you our spiel
and interrupt your meal.
It's a call world after all

It's a call world after all.
Where you have no rights at all.
When we want to, we will call!
It's a call world after all.