Tired of the calls? Here are some places you can go to learn more on how to stop telemarketers.

Privacy Rights Clearing House Logo

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse is a nonprofit consumer information and advocacy program. It offers consumers a unique opportunity to learn how to protect their personal privacy. A must-see web site in California.

Private Citizen Logo

Bob Bulmash founded Private Citizen in 1988. He wanted to put an end to the junk call industry. He is an icon in the fight against junk mail and junk calls. He offers a great service, he sends your name and number to over 1,700 junk callers and lets you make them an offer....to recieve their junk calls at a rate of $500 per call! A site for sore ears! Click on the logo above.

Californian Timothy R. Lux has decided to take several telemarketers to court. On his web site, he documents his actions against telemarketers. Good information for the first-timer. To go to his web site, click on the logo above.

Don's Phone Guard Logo

Don Johnson from Canada has written a software program that uses your caller-ID modem and filters calls. Best of all--it's FREE!!! Click on the logo above to go there.

The Telejunk Page

Century 21 Logo

Robert Braver is fighting mad in Oklahoma City. He is suing a Century 21 office there for continued calls. Follow his attempts to get privacy from one of America's premier realtors.

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Anti-Telemarketer Sourch Logo

Vince Nestico has done a wonderful job! Telemaketer Tormenting Techniques, information and more!!! His site has won many awards! Ya gotta see this one! Click on the logo above.

Russ Smith's
Consumer Net Logo

Russ Smith is a monster, a telemaketer's worst nightmare! His site is loaded with tons of information including the complete TCPA. Also stuff on junk e-mail (spam) as well as junk faxes. This site not to be missed! Click on the logo above.

Revenge on the telemarketers logo

A great album by Tom Mabe. To visit his website click on the CD cover above. You can get free clips of the album and other great stuff.