Junkerland artwork proudly done by Jeff Schnur. To see his serious renderings click here.

Main Drag U.S.A.


Welcome to Junkerland!

The Main Drag is the entry point to a land of constant junk advertising. Some of the attractions are the Spammer's Arcade, where you can play various video games to see how much spam you can send before you get "flamed". There are several places to eat and relax while you are at the Main Drag.

The premiere attraction at the Main Drag is the audio animatronic wonder, "GREAT MOMENTS IN TELEMARKETING." This attraction features such great moments as the first telemarketing call (followed by the first hang-up), the de-regulation of the Bell System (which allowed cheap off-hour rates that allow the mass junking of residential subscribers), and the invention of the auto-dialer. The attraction ends with an audio-animatronic Mary Weyand (the president of the American Telemarketing Association) telling us how telemarketing is good for America.

From the Main Drag you can visit other parts of Junkerland, such as:

Waking Beauty's Castle

It's a Call World

Mr. Frog's Wild Ride

To the main gate