Private Citizen LogoMeet the people that have dealt with telemarketers by taking them to court--the Private Citizen Heros!

These the people who were so fed up with tele-junk that they took a telemarketer to court and either won a judgement or settled out of court for $$$$$!!!!!

These people are not lawyers, just ordinary citizens who with the help of Private Citizen were able to get the case through the system.
Private Citizen, Inc. has a special offer for you. Become a PRIVATE CITIZEN HERO and get a one year free membership. Here's all you do:
  1. Take a telemarketer to court.*
  2. Either win or settle out of court for $$$$$$.
  3. Let us post your story on this webpage
 (Your privacy will be protected).  
*Copy of court papers (including decision) with clerk's stamp required.

Meet the Private Citizen Heros!

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Meet Bob Bulmash
Bob Bulmash as he appeared on Dateline NBC in November of 1995.

Dateline Logo

  Bob Bulmash in action!

Courtesy of Dateline NBC. © 1995 NBC News

"You are going to play with them as a cat plays with a mouse"

Bob Bulmash telling a member of Pirvate Citizen how to deal with a telemarketer while on Dateline NBC, November 15, 1995.

Bob Bulmash, President and founder of Private Citizen Inc., has been helping consumers fight the telenuicsance industry for years. Without his help, the "heros" above could not beat the telemarketers at their own game.