Notification And Warning

Robert V. Arkow

Founder and President

Californians Against Telephone Solicitation

(661) XXX-XXXX (Home)

(661) XXX-XXXX (Cell #1)

(661) XXX-XXXX (Cell #2)


Dear Candidate for City Council:

You are hereby notified that I do not want (and will not accept freely) your calls to my personal residence and my personal cellular phones for the purpose of promoting your candidacy.  This includes, but is not limited to, so-called "surveys" and "get out the vote" calls.  Trust me, I know how to vote and do not need your assistance.

Should you decide not to respect my privacy at home, and you (either directly, or via a third party) place such a call to my residence, you will be billed at the rate of $500.00 per call.  Should it be necessary to go to court to collect this fee, a $250.00 collection fee will be added to the damages.

Pursuant to 47 USC § 227 (The Telephone Consumer Protection Act), this is not an offer; it is a notification and warning, and thus this is not a "junk fax" as defined in the act.  The $500.00-per-call fee is based on the act as well.

Please respond back to to demonstrate your understanding that I do not want to receive the nuisance calls that most political candidates generate in their attempts to get elected.  Should you not have the simple courtesy respond back, please note that this e-mail is being sent via certified e-mail.  An electronic record of your  receipt and viewing of this e-mail will be automatically sent to the sender.

Very truly yours,

Robert V. Arkow

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